Sebastiano Ceccarini


Sebastiano Ceccarini (Fano 1703-1783), Portrait of a gentleman, oil on canvas, frameless, measures 88×72.5 cm.

A pupil of the painter Francesco Mancini, the painter also took inspiration from the Roman artists of the Baroque age, such as Domenichino, Guido Reni and Carlo Maratti. He developed a stately portraiture style, characterized by formal poses. His greatest skill was in the rendering of his clothes and ornaments, but he did not lack psychological introspection. Scrolling through the painter’s catalog there is a certain amount of qualitative discontinuity, certainly dictated by possible differences in the client, but nevertheless his style remains quite recognizable, so the typology of poses find a very precise continuity. You can compare the effigies in question with the portraits of the Marquises of Gabuccini kept in the museum of Fano, but just as close they are the portrait of a woman from the Ricci collection in Parma and the Ferretti