Luigi Miradori known as the Genovesino


Luigi Miradori known as the Genovesino (attributed to), Salome, oil on canvas, 42X66 cm

The painting depicts the ‘Martyrdom of St. John the Baptist’ and the characters of style and writing suggest attribution to Luigi Miradori known as the Genovesino (Genoa, about 1605 – Cremona, about 1656). The drafting methods, the colors and the typology of the figures find interesting comparisons with the artist’s autograph works, in particular, for example, with some pieces visible in the ‘Martirio di Sant’Orsola’ and in the ‘Gloria di Sant’Orsola’ of the church of Santi Marcellino and Pietro in Cremona (see Genovesino 2017, pp. 182 – 189, nn.47, 48). Another point of contact is the ‘Martyrdom of San Lorenzo’, belonging to a private collection in Piacenza (see Genovesino 2017, page 17, Fig. 10), which can be dated between 1652 and 1641 indicate that the canvas in question it can be placed at the end of the fourth decade.