Jacob Izaak Zoon van Ruisdael


Jacob Izaak Zoon van Ruisdael (follower of)
Jacob Izaak Zoon van Ruisdael (Haarlem, circa 1628 – Amsterdam, 1682), Landscape with figures, oil on canvas, 59X89 cm.

The painting was attributed to Jacob Izaak Zoon Van Ruisdael one of the leading landscape artists of the seventeenth century. The painter entered the Guild of Saint Luke of Haarlem in 1648, where between 1645 and 1655 there were not a few of the best Dutch landscapers from which this artist has drawn inspiration. For example, Salomon van Ruysdael, Pieter Molijn, Cornelis Vroom and, after his return from Sweden in 1645, Allaert van Everdingen. Ruisdael was undoubtedly the one who changed the vision of landscape art towards modernity, not only from the point of view of execution, but also experimenting with cuts of image and points of view. Its catalog consists of over 700 paintings depicting streams, wide distant views of the Dutch plain, urban landscapes, open seascapes and dunes.