Christ appears at La Maddalena in the form of a gardener


Christ appears at La Maddalena in the form of a gardener, a school from Brescia, late 16th century, oil on canvas, measures 97×124 cm, golden frame of the nineteenth century.

This painting is very reminiscent of Antonio Gandino’s painting.

The artist, son of Bernardino de Zambaitis, was probably born in Brescia around 1560 (until recently it was reported the year 1565).

The surname Gandino certainly derived from the name of the country of origin, located near Bergamo.

The painter was active mainly in his hometown and in Bergamo in the period when art was going through that great change: between Late Renaissance (Mannerism) and Baroque.

His celebrity is limited to the local reality, but the artistic production of Gandino was valued – and still continues to emerge – because it is considered as a link between the two great artistic moments that followed each other.

Antonio, in essence, belonged to a close tour of artists (painters, architects, writers, humanists, etc.) who faced, in the local area (Bergamo and Brescia), those inherent vicissitudes in the delicate change between two great eras, laying the foundations of the Baroque of Brescia.